About Us

The ORIGINAL "Lifestyle Brand" for Music Producers, Recording Engineers, DJ's and Videographers and Content Creators. Not limited to these career driven industries, a PRODUCINEER is ANYONE who is an Innovative thinker of creativity, imagination and reality.

If you naturally think outside of the box and often have brutal engagements of ideas and new possibilities, then you have found a new home here with us at PDR L.F.E. INC.

Many may call us "NERDS", "WEIRDOS" or even "INTROVERTS".  May I be the first to say......YOU ARE ALL WELCOMED HERE. Many of us have long nights in studios, theaters, production rooms, airports, hotels, auditoriums and classrooms. 

While we pursue our goals and dreams we wanna LOOK GOOD and FEEL COMFORTABLE. SO.....instead of "wearin out" and messing up your HIGH END FASHIONS and fits...come here to PDR L.F.E. Here you can find fly apparel, hot accessories and most of all a VIBE that you know, be around and may have created on your own.

This is the place for all your PRODUCINEER lifestyle needs. From apparel to accessories, being a PRODUCER myself, I know our struggles, wants and likes (for the most part) so I created a place for all of us to come shop, learn and build with like minds.

Its not even "low key" anymore because its people like us that make the world go 'round with our ground breaking services and ideas.. and now...NOW WE HAVE of our own, a place we can come and relax, look around be ourselves.


RESPECTFULLY...we are NOT a logo to apparel company....We're a lifestyle to apparel company. DISRESPECTFULLY...WE ARE NOT LIKE ANYONE else on the market!!! We are here!! WE ARE HIP HOP and WE WILL BE HEARD!!!

Whatever your calling is come join us and lets enjoy this journey TOGETHER....THANK YOU